Friday, April 8, 2016

When Writers Gather

Wednesday Writers' Word Feast!
(WWWF... we need a writing Panda)

For our first two meetings, we had seven writers. Some from the first meeting were at the second and we had some new folks join us too. We got together to share our words, some yummy food, inspiration, gave feedback, and we wrote! 

On April 6th, we had Captain Mega Thunder-Chunder-Blunder vs. the Marauding Letter Snatcher, a galaxy of small worlds around a single star, a boy in a grave during a fire, a spaceship named Tania who takes on the one resident of an escape pod, and a view of what happens when someone gets shot in the supernatural battle between Thropes and Drogers in an altered Chicago.

If you weren't at the meeting but would like more info, please email Jeanine at and I'll put you on our email list. 

We meet the first Wednesday of the month at the Oak Park Public Library - Main Branch, 834 Lake St. Oak Park, from 10 am - 1 pm in the Book Discussion Room on the second floor. Our next WWWF will be May 4th. 

WWWF on the Oak Park Library calendar

May the Fourth be with you!  

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