Saturday, November 26, 2016

No Shush November Featured Sheila Johnson

Everything changes... this is the theme of the story that Sheila read from her book, All Our Loved Ones Together, on November 10th. Two brothers, a daughter / niece, and a Dryad show us how change is a powerful force. "Sometimes, the truth is a spell that loses its power when spoken aloud." 

If you wish to know more about this delightful creature named Sheila and find out how to purchase her book, please check out her website:

The Open Mic gave us Alex's 4 and 20 Blackbirds. We heard about how Marta used the magic of the blackbirds and how her bother Yohan had changed. Ron followed it up with a musical rendition of Give a Little / Makin' Whoopie / Glory of Love / Paper Moon mixed with other songs. Then he tickled our funny bones with Ventriloquist Love. Next was Brendan who read from his book The Hidden Lands where Amber was on a train and met Lin Mae. They discussed Boarding School rules. Matt brought us Mythical Mike and his gang of Comic Bookstore misfits in an effort to "make the streets safe for the comic buying company." Ed brought us Spider-Man Unlimited and the True Meaning of Thanksgiving with Ted, the weredog, from accounting. Rhiannon brought us blue magic wielding elves who were on an investigation. But they got sidetracked in tossing Kava (magic). J9 shared a bit about Hazel, the Luchadora Librarian.

All pictures by Anna Peterson.

Just a reminder, we are off for December, but will be back on 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Three Year Anniversary of the No Shush Salon!

Presenting: Cemetery Guardians

What an awesome night! We had four readers from the Cemetery Guardians and a fantastic Open Mic. Plus there was pizza and salad and cake! If you'd like to see the live stream of the event, Wes posted it here:  
and here: 

Also, please check out the Cemetery Guardians for more awesome stories and great art!

Our next event will be November 10th with Sheila Johnson as our featured reader! 
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