Friday, April 1, 2016

The Open Mic that gave Fools Wisdom

This is the night the DOUGHNUT WARS began. 

Brandon regaled us with a tale of orphans high on a mountain, eating and yelling and servicing airships. We met Jayer and Kiera (sorry if I misspelled), the outcasts of the misfits who are finding friendship with each other. 
You can pre-order this up-coming novel on your kindle for 99 cents: Orphan Fleet.

Sheila gave us a world where a dragon may bestow a gift, even to a hunter, but it might not be the blessing it seems to be at first. All that hot on the heels of a severed head and right before our narrator is swooped up by Carol, the infamous hunter.

Mike delighted us with a tale of Elliot who has the odious job of orienting new souls to the afterlife. They're never quite where they think they should be. Baby Steps Through Brimstone had an interesting dark-humored twist that we won't give away.

Jeanine shared the beginnings of a romance-gone-wrong story called Heart Space in which the narrator has visions of violence that may or may not be real.

But know this, the DOUGHNUT WARS are not over.

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