Thursday, February 2, 2017

January No Shush Salon: Bring in the New! Review

This month's No Shush Salon was a delightful Open Mic!

Check out these random and mixed-up snippets of what was read:

They're going to an execution. - Sweeping piles of ash into a paper bag. - Her life was so perfect, it could only end in tragedy. - You didn't hear? Peshtigo burned. - ...until the outsiders arrived. - Certified Armature Cartographer - Miss Eloyese Felton - They'll only germinate when covered in ash. - Gloria Sweden killed me. - Huge limbs out of joint with time. - Wildebeest Steaks - I was starving! - Fires happen. - Does a salmon try to swallow the sun? - Like a statue of a hand, not an actual hand.

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