Monday, March 7, 2016

Highlights from Feb. 25th - "For the Love"

Our Feb. 25th No Shush Salon's Open Mic was grand! Here are some highlights from the stories addressing the "For the Love" theme:

  • Working at the store that rhymes with "small fart" #667 (actually #666), our intrepid hero-ish describes all the paranormal creatures who come through to shop but more often destroy the store. Trolls, dragons, vampires, and zombies, to name a few, stink up the joint and leave random body parts or chard remains of their victims for the "clean up in aisle... well, all the aisles" call. Plus, maggots... nobody ever mentions the maggots.
  • Pria and Nick, who have been friends for a long time, have sex and are suddenly confronted by their younger, teenage selves. Phrases like, "we're like lumpy" and "as if she was trying to duck beneath the oncoming future", are but a taste of the lovely language Shelia uses.
  • A couple going through a rough patch, finds the guy who's being a bit of a bore actually turning into a boar. The best way to deal with a boyfriend turned boar is to growl and stand your ground. "Fuck, this is why I left Chicago," our heroine states.
  • Jack gets beans from Maxwell street market. He climbs the stalk them hides from an enormous cat who calls for him to "come out so I can eat you." Finds salvation (sort of) with a spider. Now the spider wants something Shiny...
  • Wearing a brown parka and holding a scythe, Death was doing donuts on a bike in the parking lot of the hospital. The snow melted wear and dead things scattered behind Death's tires. The storyteller in the car who passed Death was put out because Death didn't have the common curtesy to acknowledge her and she could only see darkness (or rather, absence of light) in the hood of the parka.
  • Henrietta was the first human to be admitted into the Intergalactic Photographers' Convention. She could understand the aliens thanks to her sponsor, Ted, an Obliequean, loaning out his pet Peeve who farts translations.
  • Fred had been publishing authors for exposure, paying them nothing, but reaping all the benefits under the "For the Love" publication. He believes he is getting another great publication deal at a fancy restaurant, but soon finds out that Pitchfork Press isn't exactly what he thought he was signing up for. 

The next No Shush Salon will be Thursday, March 31st at 6:30 and the theme will be "The Wisdom of Fools".

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